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Doctor Kawase Itsuko, an inventor of the Kinotakara wellness pads September 4, 2008

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Dr. Kawase Itsuko, a Japanese scientist and inventor of the Kinotakara Wellness pad, observed the trees and the environmental conditions under which they grew up, since her childhood. Particularly the trees in dense forests grow up without outside assistance to giants. Hard conditions and the change of the seasons could not reduce their well-being.

From this Dr. Kawase derived this hypothesis: If trees without assistance become old, it should be also possible for humans to live longer, if they can use the secrets of size and age from the trees for their own well being. Forests are the largest sources of oxygen on our planet. Beyond that trees and plants supply a multiplicity of natural active substances against many diseases. A result of scientific studies of many years, in which a variety of scientists were involved, is that the resinous substances of tree vinegar, which is a main substance of the Kinotakara Wellness Pad, of some trees can activate the self care process of the human body and that the strongly absorbing strength of the tree vinegar can also have a positive influence on different physical operational sequences. More and more humans would like to improve and revitalise their well-being with natural products. Kinotakara Wellness Pads are a natural product, with which you pleasantly take care of your body over night!
Foot massages are popular all over the world, because over the special reflex points which are situated on the bottom of the feet the appropriate internal organs can be affected positively – like eastern and western scientific studies show. Cycle and nervous system are activated by the stimulation of exactly these reflex points pleasantly through which the overall well-being is enhanced.


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